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Timbercoast Gmbh will be the agent for cargo, trainees and administration for the Avontuur Shipping Company. The Avontuur Shipping Co. needs shareholders that share our vision for a truly ethical supply chain through cargo under sail. Shareholders will be investing in the Avontuur Shipping Co. alongside Timbercoast Gmbh.

Timbercoast Gmbh has already invested a significant portion of the required funds. We need your support to fund the final stages of the refit and start-up of the Avontuur Shipping Co.

Become a shareholder and…

  • Support clean shipping
  • Help create a truly ethical supply chain
  • Contribute to the education of traditional merchant seafaring
  • Expect a good return on investment
  • Inspire young entrepreneurs and businesses to confront their ecological footprint
  • Join us as an ambassador for Cargo under Sail
  • Help preserve the environment for future generations
  • Tell your friends you own part of the Avontuur

FAQ Investment

Here’s the list of questions we’ve been asked most by our Investors. Do you have an additional question?  Send us your inquiries here.

Yes, the AVONTUUR is 100% owned by the Avontuur Shipping Company Limited.

We want as many stakeholders as possible, to promote our ETHOS and raise awareness for Cargo Under Sail.  Cornelius Bockermann and his family invested almost € 700,000 to commence the Timbercoast initiative.  In breaking from the traditional means of raising capital in the industrial shipping sector, our objective was to avoid borrowing from the banks and to bypass the normalised € 50,000.- or € 100,000.- minimum investment to private shareholders.  Timbercoast Gmbh. manages the Avontuur Shipping Company and is registered in Australia.  According to Australian law (partly similar to German laws), Timbercoast Gmbh. Ltd cannot have more than 50 shareholders. The registration of a share costs approximately AUS $ 2-250, – per share, regardless of the value of the share.  Furthermore, each shareholder must be registered with a commercial register.  Alternatively, we could register in a country where the shareholder register is more inclusive and allows for more than 50 shareholders to participate. This is possible, for example, in the Seychelles.  Once a year, the company is obligated to notify authorities that the register is properly maintained at the registered office of the company. This costs US $ 150, – per year. It goes without saying that each shareholder is strongly advised to file any dividend or the sale of their share(s) in accordance with the tax laws of his/her country, as we do.

Our primary focus is to secure long term partnerships and organise a permanent linear service. While we are open to a dividend, the first 5 years will focus on reinvestment in the company and expanding our business.

Shares can be traded freely under the following conditions:

  • The Avontuur Shipping Company Ltd. (the company), represented by its agent Timbercoast Gmbh (the agent) has the first right of refusal
  • Shareholders shall have the option of selling their share to any person or company not competing with the company or the agent subject to the company’s prior approval which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The voting rights are on a pro rata basis.

The AVONTUUR is registered in Germany as a General Cargo Sail Ship.

Timbercoast Gmbh is the general agent and the management team for the AVONTUUR. These cost account for the office rent, office equipment, IT (Telstra), staff wages, travel expenses, insurance, advertising & printing, events, contingencies.

The AVONTUUR’s coverage is P&I US $500,000,000.-, H&M to € 1,350,000.- at a € 25,000.- deductible.

Our volunteers were exceptional and without their support none of this would have been possible. With that said, we have reserved 4 bunks for our volunteers and 6 for paying trainees until the end of 2017. We have accommodated for the volunteers’ sail days in our budget’s forecast.