Timbercoast Pty Ltd. will be the agent for cargo, trainees and administration for the Avontuur Shipping Company. The Avontuur Shipping Co. needs shareholders that share our vision for a truly ethical supply chain through cargo under sail. Shareholders will be investing in the Avontuur Shipping Co. alongside Timbercoast Pty Ltd.
Timbercoast Pty. Ltd. has already invested a significant portion of the required funds. We need your support to fund the final stages of the refit and start-up of the Avontuur Shipping Co.
Total investment: €1,350k

Distribution of investment
Timbercoast Pty. Ltd. in Equity            €700k
Shareholders                                     €630k
Equity of Contractors                          €20k
Total Company Value                          €1,350k


  Become a shareholder and...
  • Support clean shipping
  • Help create a truly ethical supply chain
  • Contribute to the education of traditional merchant seafaring
  • Expect a good return on investment
  • Inspire young entrepreneurs and businesses to confront their ecological footprint
  • Join us as an ambassador for Cargo under Sail
  • Help preserve the environment for future generations
  • Tell your friends you own part of the Avontuur

Join us!
630 shares in Avontuur Shipping Co. are available at €1000 each

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