2017/18 Schedule

Quick FAQ

How do I pay?

We accept bank transfers and paypal.

How many people are onboard sailing the Avontuur?

Our maximum capacity is 16 people onboard consisting of 6 professional crew members and 10 sailing mates.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Thank you to the hard work of some incredibly talented volunteers, we have a spacious 10 person quarter with a fresh water shower (no hot water) and separate bathroom.

Do I need to have prior sailing experience to sail along?

No you don't.  We have a professional and fully certified crew that will teach you everything you need to know along your voyage.

Which sailing skills will I get the chance to learn?

Depending on your length of stay, you will learn but are not limited to learning:

  • Basic safety and maintenance
  • Sail handling
  • Steering
  • Watchkeeping
  • Charting
  • Rigging
  • Traditional Cargo loading/unloading techniques
  • Celestial navigational
What if the ship is late or early to port?

Nature rules all.  We will update you if there are any chances to your scheduled voyage.  We strongly recommend booking your travel arrangements closer to your date of embarkation.

What if I have a food allergy or a dietary requirement?

We will make every effort to cater to your dietary requirement and/or address any allergy concerns you may have.  Please ensure you notify us at the time of your booking and we will inform the crew.

Do I have to arrange my visa documents and vaccinations?

Yes, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the required travel visa(s), vaccinations and your passport is current.  The Captain requires these documents at your point of embarkation.

'Meet the Sailor' series - A glimpse into the Trainee life aboard the AVONTUUR