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Testing Testing 1,2,3

It’s a test the hull kind of day. This morning began with Alex, our Australian volunteer, joining Captain Cornelius at the Bremen Institute for Materials Testing (MPA).

The MPA are the people that get to break stuff and tell you how strong it is. Basically the personal trainers for metals and building supplies. As you can imagine, this is incredibly valuable and a mandatory part of the AVONTUUR’s life as Australia’s first sustainable sea transport ship. Before the AVONTUUR befriends the Reef’s marine inhabitants we must first weld it all together.


Metal pieces of our ship were tested for their structural properties and chemical composition. The results enable us to determine the best welding techniques as we transition onto the slipway. Oh did I just slipway that in there? Sorry, not sorry. That’s right we’re headed on the slipway very shortly! For those, guilty as charged, who don’t know what the slipway is or means well shame on your parents that’s their fault not yours. The slipway is where the ship is ramped out of the water for building and repair. Today’s testing gave us insight on the most appropriate welding techniques. As luck would have it, I know Alex’s publicist and was able to reach him for comment. I asked Alex what it will take to make an interesting blog post about breaking metal and he added “what’s more poetic than pieces of large machinery precisely measuring forces applied to a small, intricately refined piece of metal? It was like watching an elephant sew a pair of socks!” Well, I for one will never again pass up the opportunity to visit the Bremen Institute for Material Testing.