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The Oldest New Marine Industry

I wasn’t the most attentive student in grade school but whenever the topic switched over to explorers and merchant traders, I’d be fully engaged.  Wow, I’d think, here are a bunch of guys seeking out the unknown on sails.  So why did they do it?

Seeking riches, forced labour, escape, curiosity, adventure, for the thrill…  As a youngster, those were the feelings I wore as I pictured myself alongside Magellan.  Fast forward to last week, there I was wearing my TIMBERCOAST garments alongside other merchant shippers and traders.  Oppositely, we were not meeting to divide and conquer the Earth but rather unite and protect.  This was about sailing cargo with zero to little emissions to ports throughout the world.  To an outsider, the ships, traders, and brokers in open discussion at this meeting may have looked like competitors but they’d be wrong.  We were there to learn, share and strengthen the vested community and global interest of Cargo Sailing.  The advantages of Cargo Sailing are easy to understand…  We use wind for fuel and those ginormous Cargo Ships use man’s most horrible and Ozone depleting concoction for fuel.  If you’re looking for some doom and gloom, can I recommend researching the horrors and incredible environmental degradation of Cargo Shipping and Cruises?


This meeting took place in the charming harbour town of Falmouth, located 5.5hrs West of London.  A fitting choice for the first meeting between Cargo Sailing leaders as Falmouth itself was created and settled as a result of a unified defense.  The meeting kicked with the arrival of the Tres Hombres ship and its Caribbean cargo of rum, cocoa and coffee beans.  To see this marvelous ship and its freight was an incredible inspiration for us at TIMBERCOAST.  Furthermore, to be able to discuss the intricacies and early tribulations with the always generous gentlemen from Tres Hombres was a true treasure.  Locals and host, New Dawn Traders were nothing short of exceptional and what’s more they have a real tasty sailed merchant rum…  Wowza!  I drank and drank and at one point I think I remember… no wait, did I?  Never mind.


I could carry on about the passion, motivation and reasoning why meeting these mavericks was such an inspiration but it wouldn’t be just.  Those feelings can be felt by paying for the honest price of products sailed.  I know, I know, honest price?  The honest price of a product is a price tag that includes the economic, fair labour and environmental cost of a product.  With that said.  The meetings ended with hugs, handshakes and words of promise which only affirms that grade school boy’s imagination of one such gathering.


Special thanks to New Dawn Traders, Team Tres Hombres, Ben the Boatbuilder, Grayhound Sailing, TWOT, Feral Trade, Quetzal Trading, and Anton for a great few days!!!