Get this, so you can do that.  When you get that, do this.  You earned that, so now do this.  This is good, but you want that.  Living, working and loving today is packaged in steps.  All too often the skills and abilities of individuals are boxed into good or bad.  Unfortunately, it’s easier to believe someone’s criticisms than it is to dismiss them.  This might seem like a rant, because it is.

Living amongst the Timbercoast volunteers, I am humbled by their willingness to share their dreams and aspirations with me.  These are personal revelations and as such are discussed organically through topics of interest and curiosity.  There are occasions when I can truly feel the liberation in the words spoken.  I love it, it inspires me and strengthens my already overpowering belief in people.  However, all too often it feels like they’re telling me a secret…  And this makes me mad, real f*cking mad.


Individual prophecies are being buried under peer expectations and empty achievements.  I’m referring to the societal pressure to live within a certain set of norms and forced fed what’s safe, normal or realistic.  I’ve watched people open up about their passions only to have those curiosities shattered by naysayers.  Come on people, I know you’re with me, let’s encourage our fellow visionaries and open up a world of possibilities to those reaching out.  Now, now I realize this sounds utopian but it doesn’t take much.  Next time someone genuinely confides in you about a university major, career path, a career change, a sabbatical, an interest or artistic outlet let’s listen and encourage.


The Timbercoast team is currently scrapping paint and removing rust from the bowels of a 95 year old ship… it is 27° outside 35° in the ship, the fumes are overwhelming, they’re working 8 hour days and they’re doing it for free.  There are parts of every job that suck, there are days when you question yourself and there are times of serious doubt.  I am not saying runaway from these times, I’m saying when someone is fully and completely absorbed in a calling, support them.  If by means outside of their control it doesn’t work, well maybe it opened new doors and a new set of drivers.

Timbercoast is a name for a group of people that truly believe in defying standards and rethinking responsible shipping.  In tribute to our 15 current volunteers, for the next 15 days we are sharing examples of companies, organizations and individuals we truly support.  On a personal level, I’m doing the same thing on my own facebook page.  Give it some thought maybe you know someone that can use the support.