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Press Release – From One Australian To Another, You’re An Emarrasment To Our Country Mr Environmental Minister

Paris, 4 December 2015 – The frustration over crackdowns on rallies and limited public questioning boils over at the COP21.  Alex Crowe, an Australian volunteer with the sail cargo company TIMBERCOAST, storms the microphone and calls the Australian Environmental Minister Greg Hunt an embarrassment to his country.

Will the Environmental Minister Greg Hunt answer a simple question?  After Mr. Hunt concluded his talk on his Blue Carbon initiative, Alex Crowe prepared to ask his question:  “What is the Australian Government actively doing to divest from fossil fuels?” His question remained unasked; once again the public could not ask questions.

The strong words directed at Mr. Hunt were unplanned and a consequence of watching him on his phone throughout the passionate pleas for climate intervention by the Environment and Culture Minister for French Polynesia and others.

“I felt disheartened watching the Australian Environmental Minister lose interest, because climate change is at a critical point for action especially amongst Pacific Island nations.” Alex Crowe

“The efforts to value nature through a blue carbon economy are great but are being negated by growth in fossil fuel investment and shipping along the East Coast of Australia.” Alex Crowe

TIMBERCOAST is currently located in Elsfleth, Germany and their vision is to revive cargo under sail by linking sustainable producers with conscientious consumers while preserving the environment for future generations.  It’s a grassroots community project supported by an international group of volunteers and lead by Captain Cornelius Bockermann.  They are currently refitting a 1920’s Dutch Schooner named the AVONTUUR for trade along the Great Barrier Reef. Once complete, the AVONTUUR will provide 21st century cargo sailing to sustainable producers in the South Pacific.

Watch the video here: