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Newsletter – May 17th, 2016

NEWSLETTER May 17th, 2016

AVONTUUR refit update, Maiden Voyage, Elsflether Seefahrtstage and a Couple guys in our Shirts.





We plan on beginning our maiden voyage with the AVONTUUR from the Elsflether Seefahrtstate on May 29th destined for St. Cruz de la Palma in the Canary islands! 
In all the right ways, it’s been hectic around the Elsflether Werft for the past couple months.  We can see the light and are working relentlessly to the finish line.  We have been humbled by the continued worldwide support from everyone who has given us their time, expertise, made a donationpurchased shares, bought a shirt and of course baked us a cake.   
A quick update on our refit in percentages complete:
Standing rigging 95%
Running rigging 40%
Cargo hold 97% 
Trainee quarters 50% 
Crew quarters 25%
Electrical installations 80%
Deck installations 90%
German Website 100%  

There’s lots happening, jobs to complete, inquiries to answer, cargo to be quoted, funds to be raised and events to be planned.  We hope you will get the chance to come see the AVONTUUR, meet the team and feel the momentum for yourself in the near future!


Join us at the Elsflether Seefahrtstage May 28th & 29th. We will be publishing our own list of events including Mounting our Figurehead, Improv Theatre, Open Ship Tours and more.


02.05.2016 Dietmar Cramer NETHERLANDS

LOOKING SHARP! Darius Cramer (left) recently purchased a couple shirts and sent us this picture on the Ijsselmeer from Muiden to Hoorn.

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Volunteers NEEDED!

We have lots of interior work to be done and we are actively looking for carpenters and welders to join our team in these exciting days. Should you or anyone you know be interested please contact us at or call 0176 759 71355

Stay tuned, more to come soon….