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My AVONTUUR with TIMBERCOAST – Cook Lasse Schwarz

Our cook, more often referred to as Lazer, has been involved with our project since late 2014.  He has a kind heart, thirst for adventure and is an absolute talent in the kitchen.  We are so pleased to have lured him away from his land based professional cooking career and onto our AVONTUUR.  He knows what tastes delicious but sounds good?  His music selection is definitely questionable.  He’s been sailing on the AVONTUUR since mid-August and plans to stay onboard indefinitely.  Lucky for everyone onboard.  Here’s a glimpse into a day onboard with Lazer.

My alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and I go slowly upstairs to prepare breakfast with a bad mood.  My bad mood is gone by the time I see the smiling faces of the hungry crew at 7:00.  Just joking I’m still in a bad mood. When I start again around 10:30 to cook lunch I am happy again because thats my thing.  I like cutting vegetables, preparing the meat in the pan and cooking for the vegans onboard, the crew is happy to me or maybe the food? I can say that my job as a chef on the Avontuur is the best one i ever had! Seriously I travel alot and cook for very cool and kind people. Even the “thank you for the great meal lazer” is for me a good reason to stand up everyday to make this cool people happy.