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My AVONTUUR with TIMBERCOAST – Shipmate Christophe David


Christophe’s story

Christophe was passing by the ship in Cherbourg at a very opportune time, it was just before morning coffee break and some of the guys were coming down from working in the rig. They got talking, shared a coffee and some stories and next thing you know he is sailing with us all the way to the Canaries!

We will certainly miss his glowing smile and crazy hair not to mention his fantastic fireside guitar playing. Until next time “Au revoir mon ami”. He has kindly penned some words reflecting on his time with us.



I’ve been travelling from Cherbourg in Normandy to Tenerife in Canaries Islands, passing through Porto in Portugal, then Madeira, and La Palma.

I am very happy that I could come on and travel with this boat.

First, this project is marvelous; I agree with it in 100%, it is very enjoyable to get involved into a such nice project. What is better than travelling and having a good time in a way that contributes to clean environment on our planet?

I feel that this month of travelling by boat will completely transform my life, It’s something that I think everyone should experience in their life.

I have learnt to

– Let the flow of the weather get into us.

– Harmonize ourself with the nature. In the middle of the sea we have contact only with the immensity of the sea and the sky, a welcome change from the material world on shore.

– Keep focusing on the course while we are steering (in life I think this is also important)

– My physical body also learnt a lot! The first few days I had sea sickness. I couldn’t eat or stand up for too long, I was feeling good only while laying down, so I need to sleep a lot, and I dreamed so much … Step by step my body started to adapt and feeling better. After the sea sickness passed, I really enjoyed the fact that I had the time to appreciate all the beautiful things such as: sun rise, sun set, dolphins, plankton, the star sky … magical moments

– And for sure, All the technical stuff of sailing boats: the sales, the ropes, the notes, the compass, the course, steering, team works, social living etc.

I feel so grateful for having met the TIMBERCOAST Crew, all of whom are marvellous people. Everyone is very important and compliments each other well. I hope that this project could flourish more and more in order to demonstrate that it is possible to respect the harmony of nature while providing transport of merchandise that does not pollute the planet, it is very important in our time.