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Cpt. Cornelius presents at UNED Tenerife

Thank you Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and professor Valeriano Esteban for hosting Captain Cornelius and our crew for an evening about Cargo Under Sail. We enjoyed meeting the students and fellow professors that made this night so special.

This evening in Tenerife centered on:

  • The current climate impacts of container shipping including ocean acidification, air quality, noise, water quality, biodiversity and land take
  • In specific regard to climate change, global shipping accounts for about 2.2 percent of global carbon emissions at 796 million tonnes of CO2
  • How to achieve success in regards to sustainability, the shipping sector must limit their use of fossil fuels, avoid operating in areas that are sensitive to degradation, and scale back operations that have negative impacts on marine life
  • Our use of wind power to deliver goods and its silent, low impact operation allows us to be almost free of fossil fuel use
  • Finally how our Cargo Under Sail business model is advantageous to sensitive ecosystems and responsibly connecting growers and buyers

If your University or organisation would like to learn more about Cargo Under Sail, please contact us at to arrange a presentation of your own.