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The Sailing Cargo Alliance is…

 “Alone you can go faster, together you can go further.”

November 11th – 13th, 2016 Douarnenez, France

There is so much to be said for sharing experiences, insights, and successes.  The 3rd meeting of the Sailing Cargo Alliance hosted by Marcus and Freya from Grayhound Lugger Sailing and organised by Alex from New Dawn Traders was an insightful and encouraging gathering.  More organisations and plans ahead for the year ahead and beyond.  Whether it was sharing Go To Market strategies or Refit experiences, all were working together for the benefit of the evidently growing sail cargo community.  We are only as strong on the partnerships we create and integrity we keep amongst this inspirational group.


What is the Sailing Cargo Alliance?

It’s an alliance which unites passionate ship owners, brokers, buyers and producers working together with shared beliefs and ethics to create a healthy transport culture.

We are transporting products globally under sail ensuring that every stage of the supply chain from grower to buyer promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations.