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“Pull the peak halyard!” – AVONTUUR Journal #2

Weblog Ernesto Lazo Lopez (Trainee)

With two hands I’m holding the line, looking at Lotte who’s holding it on the other side of the pin and together we wait for the command. On the starboard side of the aft Wiebe shouts ‘pull the throat halyard!’, we wait until it’s our turn, ‘pull the peak halyard!’ we hear.  That’s us and we start pulling and taking in slack as fast as we can. With a couple more meters to hoist Jan steps in and helps to raise the peak to its final point. Twenty minutes later we’ve reefed the main sail and Wiebe ends the session with a ‘good job everyone’. One week at sea and slowly I’m getting to know the different lines and manouevres, I start to understand the language and I’m getting used to the rhythm of the watches. It’s a nice feeling to work together when setting the sails or just to sit and talk with each other on the deck. There have been great moments which I can almost not belief where I am. For example when together with Alex I get on the bowsprit to unpack the sails, or when I’m up in the schrouds, holding the ropes as the ship moves forward and rolls on the waves, high above the water with a great view on the AVONTUUR and the ocean. One of my concerns previous to getting on board was that I would be out of place on the ship, that I would be a stranger in the midst of people who have worked for so long building not only the ship but giving shape to the project as a whole. However the group of volunteers and crew have created a welcoming environment for everyone. It feels good to be part of the AVONTUUR and with small things I try to contribute to the wellbeing of the ship and her people.