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“The morning half broken” AVONTUUR Journal #4

By Alex Crowe, Trainee

The morning half broken

Being on the 4-8 watch affords my watch mates and I a real treat, the morning. There is no better time of day than the brief moment when the sun is hiding just below the horizon and the golden light that peeps around the globe is thrown over only the tops of the waves. Its a sand fresh kind of light that you only get at either end of the day.

I’m beginning to think the sun might be scared of heights because the higher in the sky it gets the more it screams. When the morning is only half broken the sun is calm and gives one a pleasant reassurance of the possibilities of the day ahead.

We sit around the helm and watch as languid faces begin to emerge for breakfast, faces that look like the only reassurance they want right now is that the coffee is ready. By the time they come out of the galley to relieve our watch the bottom edge of the sun has breached the horizon and the day has begun.

The day is now like a puppy that has just dropped its slobbery frisbee at your feet, it is feverishly wagging its tail and there is nothing you can do but pick up the frisbee and join the fun. Another day has begun!



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