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“An amazing sky full of stars” AVONTUUR Journal #5

By Charlotte Strauss, Trainee


We have had very little wind over the last 9 days. Every time the wind picked up, everyone was got really exited and it seemed like a lot of fresh energy was blown around. Unfortunately, the wind keeps falling asleep each time but we are not giving up hope.

Time has more or less become irrelevant. We are moving from one watch to another, from breakfast to lunch, through a nap to the next watch. Personally, I have lost my feeling for time but I’m enjoying that very much.

It is 4:35 now. It is dark outside and we have an amazing sky full of stars above us. Alex is working his way into astrology and is telling us about some stars we can see. Ernesto and Wiebe are chatting in Dutch and the flapping of the sails is framing everything. I’m having a great time on board of the AVONTUUR and I don’t want to be anywhere else. I miss my family and send them lots of hugs and kisses.


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