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We’ve crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

2700 Nautical Miles + 32 days later, the AVONTUUR has returned to the Caribbean!!! Captain Fabian and crew have arrived safely and are currently at anchor in picturesque Martinique. In a world where outside noise and information is coming faster and faster at us, it’s clear that finding solitude at Sea is an experience like no other.

Welcome to shore Crew!!!

Next stop Honduras to load some quality organic coffee destined for European roasters.  It’s time we offered a wind alternative to container shipping.  Join the voyage, sail with us.

To achieve success in regards to sustainability, the shipping system must reassess how it operates. Our contribution to the wider shipping industry is very small but it offers an alternative model for how goods can be transported. By using wind power, a small tight-knit crew, and shorter supply routes, we can achieve close to zero emissions of CO2, and limit the ease of consumer culture where goods are shipped around the world multiple times before reaching their final user.


Sail your goods by wind.


Join the voyage, sail with us.


Challenge the norm and invest in a common future.


Here are some recent pictures from the 32 day voyage from Tenerife to Martinique.


Pictures taken by our Trainee and Original Timberoaster, Alex Crowe.