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An invitation to the EU Commission

We were pleased to present Cargo Under Sail to Maroš Šefčovič, Vice President of the European Commission and the project lead for the EU Energy Union. The meeting was a result of being one of the 5 winners in the Sinning Stars of Europe video contest. The contest was to present a video clip of no more than 2 minutes, showing how you connect with your peers, the environment, and yourself! Dexter Crowe, a volunteer who was fundamental in building our image submitted a video he made for TIMBERCOAST. You can watch that video here.

Further to our meeting with Vice President, we were invited to an open briefing with the European External Action Service regarding journalistic pursues and an insight into available EU funding channels.

We would like to thank the Shinning Stars jury for selecting us and greatly appreciate the opporuntiy to talk openly with EU policy advisers. The awareness is growing, the sail cargo momentum is building, and we are all apart of it! Thank you Dexter Crowe, Alex Crowe, Jan Wegers, and the rest of the volunteers that helped build our AVONTUUR. We still have many challenges ahead of us but we continue to force the issue about a clean transport transformation!

Just to top things off, we received some nice press coverage alongside our partners Port Franc Logistics!
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Picture provided by Our Common Future.