TIMBERCOAST announces sponsorship deal with Global Cargo Service GmbH

We are thrilled to announce that Sebastian Lauber and the team at Global Cargo Service GmbH (GCS) will be sponsoring items off our AVONTUUR wishlist in support of our mission to further a low impact shipping culture. GCS is a freight forwarding company focused on worldwide logistics services.

The AVONTUUR is sailing cargo to reveal and reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that result from the transportation of goods. Our Cargo Under Sail initiative and with the support of Global Cargo Service GmbH is proof of a consistently growing number of companies that value transparency throughout the supply chain including sustainable and ecologically sound transportation.

As Sebastian Lauber, managing director at Global Cargo Service GmbH, says: “In freight forwarding today it is almost impossible to ship cargo without any emissions, but climate change is a real thing and what we need the most these days is someone with the right idea to go a different way. Timbercoast and the AVONTUUR-Crew are the ones with the right idea and I am convinced that their first step will bring us the next generation of caargo carriers. That’s why we decided to support them, because it is the right thing to do.”

We are excited to welcome and work with Global Cargo Service GmbH. As Cornelius Bockermann puts it “Sebastian and his team, have not only stepped up and supported us with wishlist items but furthermore added freight forwarding expertise to our movement.”

Visit Global Cargo Services GmbH at www.gcs.de.com

For further information about sponsorship opportunities or to support wishlist items, please contact Ben Decosse at info@timbercoast.com

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