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TIMBERCOAST announces sponsorship deal with Herberg Systems GmbH

The AVONTUUR’s every move!

We are thrilled to announce that Herberg Systems GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, has kindly sponsored their innovative Fleettracker software solution to us and everyone who follows the AVONTUUR. Fleettracker not only allows the ever expanding AVONTUUR audience to track it’s every move but further allows all to see wind, pressure and wave height forecasts in addition to the sea charts.

The AVONTUUR is sailing cargo to reveal and reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that result from shipping. Our Cargo Under Sail initiative and with the support of Herberg Systems GmbH is proof of a consistently growing number of companies that value transparency throughout the supply chain including sustainable and ecologically sound transportation.

As Mr. Jan Herberg, managing director of Herberg Systems GmbH comments, “Grown up and located next to one of the leading ports of the world, we at Herberg Systems have a long history in providing solutions for the international sea-going shipping market. And we like people with initiative and innovative ideas. Facing the growing demand on new solutions to help protecting our world climate for the future, sailing vessels can be one answer to this challenge. Timbercoast is taking a small, but great initiative to contribute to a better world in shipping and we are therefore happy to contribute to their success by sponsoring them with our Fleettracker software solution.”

We are thrilled to have implemented the Fleettracker software. As Ben Decosse from TIMBERCOAST says, “Mr. Jan Herberg and the team over at Herberg Systems GmbH have provided our TIMBERCOAST community a powerful tool to follow the winds propelling our AVONTUUR and allows our cargo owners and the friends and family of those onboard to track every tack and jibe the AVONTUUR makes.”

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For further information about sponsorship opportunities please contact Ben Decosse at