Farewell AVONTUUR – Captain Michael

Dear All,

My time aboard the AVONTUUR comes to an end. I am getting off here in Santa Cruz de La Palma and once again take with me some fine memories from this ship. Not just about the sailing, it’s about the people really, I find it always is.

So my holiday is over now and I go back to my real job. As some may know I do usually sail the Brigg “Eye of the Wind”. What I will do this time round, you want to know? Sail the winter in the North Atlantic! Not kidding, we do just a few stints around the Caribbean islands and then sail straight back to Europe.

But back to the AVONTUUR. Once she goes well she vibrates. There is something that tells me clearly how much she loves to work hard. And working hard she did with pleasure on our stint to La Palma. With day’s runs in the range of 180 nautical miles she may not be the fastest but does not hide either. And she is seaworthy, showing us on a number of occasions now that she is.

Today I officially handed over command to Anika and thanked my crew and shipmates for a great time together. And with that I wish to thank you all for your support and encouraging comments. From today onward, I shall follow the AVONTUUR on the blog and the AIS websites just like you do, and feel with them.

Farewell for now and only the best to all of you,


*Photo by Gaia Squarci