Email Log Santa Cruz De La Palma – Guadeloupe PART 1

Voyage email Log. Santa Cruz de la Palma – Guadeloupe


Noon Report 27.01.2018

Position 28-37.2N 017-42.9W

Course 180

Speed 4.0

Wind NE6

ROB 2190

Departure La Palma 1100LT


Noon Report 28.01.2018

Position 27-33.5N 019-36.4W

Course 240

Speed 5.6/day 5.5/voyage

Wind NE4

ROB 2160


Office 28.01.18 1608h

Moin Anika,

Congratulations to a good start!

Recommendation acc. to latest WX: course abt. 215-° to WP 25-14N, 21-27W.




 Noon Report 29.01.2018

Position 26-28.1N 021-45.0W

Course 240

Speed 5.6/day 5.6/voyage

Wind NE4

ROB 2160

Expecting wind to turn E, will then turn further S.


Office 29.01.18 1345h

Moin Anika,

We are all happy to see your good progress!

Acc. to best WX do not go further south or you may be becalmed in a few days. Windspeed is going to drop to near zero in the area ahead further SW.

Best progress forecast from present position is heading almost W. On this course wind is forecast to be NE’l most of the time for the next few days. Strongly recommend to keep slightly north of a rumbline promising to maintain good speed for the next two weeks!




Noon Report 30.01.2018

Position 25-33.6N 024-06.9W

Course 250

Speed 5.8/day 5.7/voyage

Wind NNE4-5

ROB 2160


 Office 30.01.18 1544h

Moin Anika,

Good speed! It is a pleasure to follow your progress!

As recommended yesterday, your best course is to stay north of a rumbline. This is more so today! Your best course for some days will be around 270°. This will keep you at a good angle down wind for the next couple of days or even the entire crossing and will make sure you will maintain your great progress!



30.01.18 1816h

Hi there,

following your recommendation and heading 270 now.