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Tired Of Sleep

Computers, am I right?  We labour, produce, learn and converse on them.   We tell them what to do and if they do otherwise we get angry, frustrated and threaten them with physical harm or banishment.  When we step away our laptops go into standby or sleep mode.  The power is on but nothing is happening.  Have we silently adopted this trait from our foldable friends?

We are constantly inundated with news on global warming and buried under green buzzwords.  There’s always a bunch of politicians somewhere meeting to discuss the environmental perils we face.  People have busy lives with active kids, demanding jobs and an overburden of life’s errands.  We just don’t have the time to properly engage ourselves and constantly attend to our big picture values.   There lies the difference.  We don’t have to make time to protect our world, we can live out our values coincidentally forming the world we want to live in.


The signals, however distorted, are there.  We are fully engaged in this war to preserve our planet.  We are increasingly demanding eco-friendly products, forging community preservation groups and spearheading sustainable innovation.  You, me, your neighbour Jim and little baby Mac are forcing the few to listen to the many.  We need to continue buying consciously, sharing information and supporting action plans for sustainability.

Here, at TIMBERCOAST, we are working overtime to offer wind powered cargo shipping because there are few options in sustainable sea transportation.   We have been humbled by all the people from around the world that want to join our cause and fight against a world in standby.