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The AVONTUUR arrives in Helgoland, Germany

The AVONTUUR has arrived in Helgoland, Germany. The international crew has completed the first ever transatlantic cargo crossing signalling a new frontier in Cargo Under Sail.


All is happily invited to the AVONTUUR Arrival Festival in Bremen on World Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd. For more information check out the program here. A second event will be held in Elsfleth, Germany on Saturday April 29th, more details to come.

Here’s an open letter to the crew from TIMBERCOAST.

Dear crew of the AVONTUUR!

It’s with great admiration and a profound sense of amazement, I send my warmest congratulations on your arrival in Germany. OUTSTANDING, TRULY MONUMENTAL! You all came together, overcame the elements, crossed an Ocean by sail, and made many believers along the way. Each and every one of you has altered, even in the slightest of ways, the way your friends and family think about their world, their decisions, and their purchases. I’m a firm believer that the only thing we can change is our own environments, the way others around us feel, think, and aspire too. It’s too easy in a world filled with negative and doomsday headlines to feel small, unimportant, or as if our individual actions don’t matter. You have just proved that when strangers come together, the world gets a little smaller, a little better, and regions, countries, continents can be linked by the natural forces that are within all of us. Sorry, sorry, I’m becoming preachy but it’s true, I receive fan mail from people all over the world that have been cheering you on, following your journey and discussing the purpose of such a mission. You’ve started a conversation, you’ve sailed thousands of Nautical Miles, you each come from a different background, some would even say different worlds but that’s frankly Bullshit, we all come from the same world and each of us has the potential to make it better, you’ve proven that by making positive headlines around the world… If you think I’m joking, today alone you’ve been covered in the UK, Germany, USA and Russia. In the past 2 weeks, the Azores, Australia, Ecuador and Canada. Our Newsletters covering your successes, hardships, and cargo odysseys were opened in 35 different countries around the world in the last two months alone, China to Chile, South Africa to Singapore. As many of you are aware, there are no guarantees in life but one thing is for sure, with todays accomplishment, you all have made the AVONTUUR a smashing success, thank you all for inspiring me. Much love and many celebratory toasts await you in Bremen. Sincerely, Ben, Timbercoast.