Bonjour La Rochelle!

The AVONTUUR has arrived! After 68 days at sea, Captain Michael and crew have arrived in La Rochelle. The Canadian goods coupled with Rum, sea salt, and korn will be offloaded in La Rochelle in the coming days. The crew is celebrating the arrival which is of course well warranted and every bit deserved. From Montreal to Sydney across the North Atlantic to Horta in the Azores and finally across the Bay of Biscay to La Rochelle.  A very proud moment for our entire project and Captain Michael and his crew. We have 9 new shipmates joining in La Rochelle and the preparations begin for the Caribbean voyages ahead. Some major announcements to come. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and supporting Cargo Under Sail.

A very Merry Christmas indeed!

*Picture taken by our shipmate Charlotte upon arrival in La Rochelle.