Sail schedule

Next Sailing Cargo Voyage - 2020

*Please note we do not burn heavy fuel and therefore depend on the wind to ship cargo. All dates are ESTIMATES and additional ports of cargo loading and discharging WILL be added or otherwise current port stops WILL be dropped from the schedule.


*EXPECT TO WORK ONBOARD AND IN PORTS.  The prices for the sailing voyages contribute to the operational costs of the AVONTUUR and the entire project.

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PLEASE READ – This is what it takes to join the AVONTUUR

Thank you very much for your interest in sailing on board AVONTUUR.

No matter what you have heard or read about TIMBERCOAST and our mission, we want you to know that the AVONTUUR is not your conventional ship and sailing and working on board is not just an ordinary odd job or a holiday trip! We are on a mission to show the world that clean sea transport is possible and necessary. We also want to make people think and reflect about the consequences of our life style, our consumption and the consequences of the pursuit of constant growth. In other words, we are not just sailing a traditional schooner for the sake of tradition and every person on board is regarded as full member of the crew who should know what is expected of her or him!

All crew members on board are required to support the mission with their work, their conviction and their heart! In every port we call, we are the ambassadors of a mission that we carry into the world on board AVONTUUR! We cross the ocean on a sailing ship without leaving a trace, nothing but the wake of the ship.

In port every one of the crew leaves a lot more. We leave behind people who have seen that we are concerned about our future, the future of our oceans our environment and our world. We leave behind a very positive message that is hopefully carried on by all those we have inspired by our feat!

If you can identify with those our goals and support our ideals we would be happy to know more about you and the reason why you want to sail with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.