on 18th of June 2021 in Hamburg

On June 18, our cargo ship AVONTUUR will return from its sixth voyage. The ship is expected in Harburg Museum Harbour after eight months at sea and around 13,000 nautical miles to unload 60 tonnes of general cargo.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the sailing ship cannot be unloaded manually by numerous supporters, so this year we will unload in the Harburg museum harbour with the help of a historic crane. At the pier, 30 volunteers will help to bring the 60 tonnes of coffee and cocoa bags ashore and prepare them for transport to the warehouse. Visitors can still have a look around the extensive public grounds and be part of this special event.

When? On Friday, 18th of June 2021 from approx. 11-16 o’clock.

Where? At the Harburg Museum Harbour, Lotsekai, 21079 Hamburg (www.muhahar.de)

Our Mission Zero

To eliminate pollution caused by shipping cargo.


We have a five-stage approach:

1. Raise Awareness about the environmental destruction caused by the shipping industry

2. Model a clean shipping future with our AVONTUUR

3. Sell premium AVONTUUR products to support the ongoing operation of the project.

4.  Establish a demand for products shipped by sail

5. Build a modern sail cargo fleet

Our Story

Over the course of 20 years working in the maritime industry Cornelius Bockermann witnessed first hand how humans adversely affect our environment. He knew something had to change. In 2013, he moved with his family to Cairns and shipped all their possessions from Germany to their new home in Australia. Through the process of shipping his own goods he experienced the disconnect between commerce and environmental preservation. Upon learning of plans to expand fossil fuel based shipping along the Queensland coast and amongst the Great Barrier Reef he knew he had to act. The question became how do you offer businesses and consumers a sustainable option in shipping?

Cargo Under Sail is the answer and the Dutch schooner named the AVONTUUR is the vessel to start it.

We are a passionate collective of individuals working to create a supply chain that merges the relationship between commerce and preservation. We are restless and can no longer wait for others to make a change.

Our Vision

To revive cargo shipping under sail, linking sustainable producers with conscientious consumers. We promote social and ecological sustainability in the shipping industry by being a flagship for change.

Our Logbook