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Longing For The Sea

We’re sitting in the office, it’s a sunny day at the Elsfleth shipyard, our vessel high on the dry dock, resting, overlooking the yard. The banging of hammers on the old steel plates knocking off the rust from generations past, is accompanied by the buzzing of cutting tools and the occasional rattling chain in a mild warm breeze.

This place is alive, and so are we. More than ever before it is certain that we are making progress. Sailing through deep blue waters, the ship pushing forward through this immersive element, strong winds tightening the sails, ropes creaking, letting our hearts beat faster with every wave that hits the ship.


We all know why we’re here and are more determined than ever to revive the glory of our AVONTUUR. The certainty that this project is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something unique, that a lot of people and the environment will benefit from gives our team the drive it needs to accomplish whatever is necessary to make this a successful project.