Happy New Year

Happy New Year – A message from the Bockermann’s

To all our supporters,

A very exciting year is drawing to a close and its time for us to send you a big thank you!

From the cold days of winter to the heat of the northern summer, a first half year of blood sweat and tears, hard work, overtime and frustration, progress and setbacks, parties, joy and laughter – half a year filled with everything you can imagine – we had finally got our dear AVONTUUR sailing. What an achievement after a total refit time of almost two years! Sailing her out into the North Sea around Skagen and into the Baltic to the Hansesail did not only open the beginning of an adventure in the lives of our crew and loyal supporters but also for us. For Monika, myself as well as for our kids it was the start of a new chapter in our lives!

For those aboard or have been aboard, you have experienced rain and sunshine, gales and calms, fog and mist beating up and down the channel, crossed the Bay of Biscay and finally even crossed the Atlantic Ocean. But most of all you have experienced life on board a working cargo sailing ship together with like minded people who all believe that together we can make a change and we can create a better, healthier and fairer world!

So before you get on your way into 2017, let me tell you that everything we have achieved so far was only possible because we did it together!

No matter what the future holds in store for each and all of us, we wish you a very happy, healthy, prosperous and successful New Year 2017 and hope that we will keep on sailing together as one community for a long time to come!

Happy New Year from

Monika & Cornelius Bockermann