The Capt.'s Sail Journal

The Capt’s Sail Journal

Our North Atlantic Crew!

We are in constant contact with our hard working merchant crew made up of individuals from all around the world that have come together to make Cargo Under Sail happen.   Here’s the most recent reports we received from Captain Cornelius Bockermann.  Currently sailing from Freeport, Bahamas to Horta, Azores eta 18.03.

Our 5 crew and 8 trainees are currently sailing 20 tonnes of coffee for our partners at Slokoffie, spirits for Hannover Gin, a barrel of rum for the Hanse Sail Rostock and rum for our stakeholders.

Interested in joining us for an expedition of your own?  Inquire here for more details about how you or your cargo can sail aboard the AVONTUUR.


Noon report 06.03.17


lat 34-30N, long 065-20W

NNE 6-7, 16C, c/b, 1024hp

general weather conditions largely improved. Set appr. sails since morning.  Day’s run 84nm, all is well on board.


Noon report 05.03.17

lat 34-49N, long 066-56W
NNW 8-9, squals 10bft, 16C, c/q/s, 1022hp strong gale to storm force winds persit unchanged.  Day’s run 97nm.
Despite these very challenging and wearing conditions all is well on board and smiling faces and good humour prevail!


Noon report 04.03.17

lat 34-42N, long 068-48W
NW 8-9, squals 10bft, 15C, c/q/p, 1025hp strong gale to storm force winds since early last night.  Intensified over this morning. We reduced all sail to reefed fore staysail.  Safetylines rigged all ’round.
day’s run 85nm, all is well on board.


Noon report 03.03.17

lat 34-19N, long 070-19W
N 4, 18C, b, 1024hp

Day’s run 114nm, all is well on board.


Noon report 02.03.17

lat 33-51N, long 072-34W
WSW 6, 21C, o/r, 1015hp
severe conditions during last 24h, squally up to 9Bft this morning, sails reduced to Sch2, FSt. Nevertheless excellent mood and smiles all around. Day’s run 183nm, new AVONTUUR record!


Noon report 01.03.17

lat 32-37N, long 075-49 W
SSW 6-7, 26C, b/c, 1023hp
day’s run 168nm, avrg. 7kn!!!


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