The Capt's Sail Journal - 12.03

The Capt’s Sail Journal – 12.03

Noon report 12.03.17, 1200LT, 1500UTC

lat 36-13N, long 052-52W
WNW 7, 18C, b/c, 1028hp
day’s run 128nm

After a busy night under a bright starry moonlit sky with strong winds, squalls, a few showers and necessary repairs – outer jib sheet block decided to disembark in a squall – we are now sailing downwind at good speed on a following sea towards captain’s reception due to hold at 15h sharp come rain, storm or thunder!


Noon report 11.03.17, 1200LT, we have shifted 1 hour, LT now UTC +3

lat 35-22N, long 055-03W
SSW 8, 18C, o/p, 1025hp
day’s run 114nm

Wind has steadily increased since midday yesterday to 7Bft late last night. Reduced sail one buy one in seriously increasing southerly swell which does not agree very well with the old western swell, chopping up something nasty at times. Meanwhile wind has further increased to 8Bft and I am sure we haven’t seen the end of this gale yet for some time. We are now again down to storm fore staysail rolling to 40deg and moving around or enjoying today’s delicious peas soup. however thick, requires a bit of acrobatics. Quite demanding as sleeping is not easy under these conditions either. The again, smooth seas don’t make a good sailor and I can honestly say that I am very proud of each one of the current crew on board!

So it goes without saying, that all is well on board.


Noon report 10.03.17, 1200LT / 1600UTC

lat 35-16N, long 057-20W
SW 2-3, 20C, o, 1020hp
day’s run 110nm

blue sky and almost no wind in the morning. However picking up just now and sailing at 6 knots + since after lunch.

All is well on board.


Noon report 09.03.17, 1200LT / 1600UTC

lat 35-06N, long 059-27W
SSW 7-8, 17C, o, 1021hp
day’s run 140nm

We’ve escaped the variables – for good I hope – riding high on occasionally gigantic waves down wind ahead of a steady gale force 7 Bft with some pretty wet squalls of 8Bft! Rolling up to 40deg and having a time of our lives. At least in our watch 😉

Nature is just amazing and neither of us on board who is humbled by her beauty and power every day can understand why so many humans treat her with so little respect and negligence as if she was just a commodity. A piece of dirt that can be exploited to the bones. Nature doesn’t need us. We need nature. Send everybody on board of a sailing ship in a gale or more and they’ll come back with a different view!

Noon report 08.03.17, 1200LT / 1600UTC

lat 34-25N, long 062-07W
SW 1-2, 21C, b, 1030hp
day’s run 50nm

No wind at all since midnight. Drifting in a perfectly blue ocean with Mahi-mahi playing under the hull. What a glorious sight!

All is well on board.

The all inclusive noon and midocean report 07.03.17, 1200LT / 1600UTC

lat 34-44N, long 062-59W
NNE 3, 16C, c/b, 1027hp
day’s run 119nm. 1750 miles to go, ETA update will not be advised before a reliable arrival date can be reasonably predicted!

Wind variable between 2 and 7bft, keeping the right suit of sail is quite cumbersome!

All is well on board. Watches are busy rehearsing for the final singer songwriter contest event at Peter Cafe Sport scheduled for 22.03.


Noon report 06.03.17

lat 34-30N, long 065-20W
NNE 6-7, 16C, c/b, 1024hp
general weather conditions largely improved. Set appropriate sails since morning.

day’s run 84nm,

all is well on board.