This isn’t about the AVONTUUR, this about individuals coming together to be heard!

Those that have contributed to TIMBERCOAST are raising awareness about the unsustainable world of global shipping. It’s about starting a conversation addressing the negative impacts of the commercial shipping industry (such as the systematic increase of GHG in the environment), and delivering goods by sail as an example of what could be!!! A sustainability aware society will lead to a shift towards sustainable behavior.

From the Elsflether Werft in the village of Elsfleth, Germany to the world.

AUSTRALIAN MEDIA – Alex Crowe volunteered and shares his experience in this video here

AZORES, PORTUGAL PRESS – Captain Cornelius is interviewed in the Azores here.

The AVONTUUR arrives in Bremen, Germany on April 22nd, 2017 to celebrate World Earth Day which is a worldwide movement to address climate change.  Come join us at the AVONTUUR Arrivalfestival, this is a free event hosted by BREMEN BIKE IT in association with the International Windship Association (IWSA) and the European Regional Development Funds’ Dual Port program.

Our ‘Meet the Sailors’ series airs every Friday on our facebook page.  A glimpse into the everyday people onboard making this dream a reality.