Captain Cornelius Sail Logs - Azores to the English Channel!

Captain Cornelius Sail Logs – Azores to the English Channel!

Captain Cornelius Bockermann’s reports from the past week aboard the AVONTUUR as she makes her way from the Azores, quick stop in Brixham then to Bremen to celebrate at the AVONTUUR arrival festival!


Noon report 08.04.17, 1200LT, 1100UTC.

lat 49-54N, long 011-54W
S 3-4, o, 1017HP
day’s run 91.5nm

All is well on board except for some dripping noses or a cold. Traffic is getting more frequent. More container ships with empty and full boxes plying in and out of the channel and one wonders, why we really have to ship so much stuff around the world!


Noon report 07.04.17, 1200LT, 1100UTC.

lat 49-24N, long 014-07W
SSE 4, o/c, 1023HP
day’s run 80nm

Now all is well again on board 😉

Noon report 06.04.17, 1200LT, 1100UTC.

lat 48-40N, long 015-44W
ESE 5-6, o, 1028HP
day’s run 107nm


Noon report 05.04.17, 1200LT, 1100UTC.

lat 47-11N, long 017-07W
E 3-4, o, 1031HP
day’s run 97nm

All is well on board.

We are sailing against an E’l wind on a NE’l course in a gentle, long W’l swell and as usual, the AVONTUUR performs as sweet as we know her! Our experienced crew takes pride in keeping her sails trimmed to the optimum 24/7 and watch against watch are competing for the best day’s run. It’s a pleasure to sail with them!

Admittedly we are not yet sailing strictly in the right direction but we are getting closer to the Channel and hope that soon the high pressure will make way for the more usual depression bringing fresh westerly gale force winds that will propel us to Brixham, further through the Channel and finally into the German Bight in good time for the big event in Bremen. Less than 600 miles to Brixham.


Noon report 04.04.17, 1200LT, 1100UTC.

lat 45-43N, long 018-03W
ENE 3-4, o/d, 1031HP
day’s run 99.6nm

We are out of the SW’l wind that propelled us at record speed for the last couple of days and we are now heading into a high pressure area more or less waiting for us west of the Channel. Since yesterday morning the wind had decreased to Bft 1-2 and we rolled along at almost no speed until midday when the wind died down completely. In order to proceed we have used the engine from 2045h to 1045h this morning when an easterly wind of 2-3 Bft. set in. We are now under full sail again , steering 005deg over ground in a ENE 4-5 Bft hoping to round the high in a wide northerly curve within the next couple of days.

All is well on board.


Noon report 03.04.17, 1200LT, 1100UTC.

lat 44-33N, long 19-32W
SW 2, b, 1023HP
total distance run 560nm
day’s run 137.7nm

All is well on board.


Noon report 31.03.17, 1400LT, 1400UTC.

lat 39-22N, long 28-01W
SSE 4, o/d, 1022HP
day’s run 61nm (17h)

Waited for tres hombres to arrive before we set sail. Gave them a pro per welcome in the wake of their Azorien friends and cast off.

Set sails inside the harbour and shut down engine even before we pass ed the harbour mole. After a very slow start the wind picked up durin g the moring and we are now moving at more than 6 knots.

ETA Brixham 13.04.17

All is well on board.