"It feels good to know we are not alone out here." - Cpt. Michael

“It feels good to know we are not alone out here.” – Cpt. Michael

Good evening dear all,

Last line off 20:18 (UTC -1). The bets are on and they vary substantial. Some are preparing for celebrating Xmas and New Year at sea. My bet is 11 days, no idea why I said this, just came to me. That would be 5 knots average and is actually doable, if we are not being chased in circles by some obnoxious low near the Bay of Biscay that is. The thing with weather is that it does not read nor follow our forecast models. So far it looks good and promising though! We said good bye to Gaia and Casper who want to meet up with family for Xmas, and our Bosun Jan for a well deserved holiday. Feels like letting go of a part of us. Some last hugs and off we go.

Our time in Horta was way too short, as always. The people there are just great, super friendly and helpful. And when have you been the last time in an area where no one locks the doors of their house or car? Paula is of course my star here, what a fine girl! She was there for us all along and gave us her car for the time that we were there, an old Peugeot 504 station wagon, with a character of a truck. It has been a while that I had a heavy car without power-steering. I drive slow, coming from Avontuur everything ashore is too fast anyway. So, what do we bring from here? It’s Tuna, Honey, Cheese and of course the famous Gin (from Peter’s Sportsbar) this time. Oh, and that Korn (Schnaps) that we have maturing in an oak barrel since Elsfleth now! I tested it and got to say it is surprisingly good! Now that the cork was popped I better check every now and then the level does not go down too fast.

Ok, a word to our fan-club out there: We have learned now that we do have a overwhelming amount of followers here who all wish us well. A big thank you for all the mail and support we got! It feels good to know we are not alone out here.

And our proposed route? After passing south of Ilha Terceira we take a generous great circle route with a very respectful distance to Cabo Finisterre. It’ll be a slow start, and we do not expect to get some good breeze to sail with before dawn. Nets are rigged nonetheless, and so are the stretch-ropes. Our outer jib is repaired again and is back on its hanks. We are ready. And it is necessary. Peter’s Sportsbar has been very popular, and welcoming.

See you soon.

With sunny greetings,


Master Mariner


*Photos courtesy of shipmate Gaia Squarci