Au revoir La Rochelle

And so begins our second Caribbean transatlantic voyage!

From the AVONTUUR, Captain Michael reports:

Good morning dear All,

We are underway as planned. Last line off this morning (06/01) at 08:10, and quite favorably we have little to no wind for the maneuvers, hence find an easy way out in between all the posh yachts. The ship hardly begins to move and we have our first victims of seasickness. In contrary to those who had started with me from Canada we now have a half a day to get used to the way she moves with little winds in the beginning. For tonight however, the warnings are on. It’s a force 7-8. Good news is that it’s from the North-East, which could not be any better for us. We seek to get out of the Bay of Biscay preferably before Tuesday afternoon as otherwise we may will have a hard time to get out. This weather window is one of a kind, one we must not miss.

So here we are, finally out of La Rochelle after having been wind-locked ever since we arrived on the 25th of December. A great opportunity to do lots of training upfront, including just about every safety drill. We are well prepared, and the excitement in the faces of our shipmates speaks volumes. Looks like a fine trip ahead, with the prospects of getting into the warmer regions very soon, something we all look forward to.

And the cargo? Fine wines (tasted it) and more of the Korn (Schnapps) after the successful quality enhancement of he last batch. Loads of empty barrels too, awaiting fine Rums from the best distilleries.

Off we go with following seas.

Happy days,

Captain Michael