Guadeloupe Arrival!

Guadeloupe Arrival!

It’s celebration time in Guadeloupe! Our three good reasons to celebrate in the Caribbean:

1. We have never been so fast! In only 17 days, the AVONTUUR and her crew sailed from La Palma, Canary Islands across the Atlantic to Marie-Galante in the Caribbean. Captain Cornelius greeted the “flying crew” on their arrival on the island with great joy and a cold beer.

2. The crew of the AVONTUUR arrived during Mardi Gras – Carnival. Here on the islands this means music, dance, and plenty of onlookers wondering what our ship is all about.

3. In the coming days, the Eye of the Wind and Schooner Ruth, two more beautiful sailing ships are expected in the bay. The Plan is to have a small competition between the sailing crews and of course a gathering of the crews.

No matter the celebration the crew is still working away to prepare for the Caribbean Sea crossing.  By the way, our cargo sailing ship will load more AVONTUUR rum, fill up with provisions, reset the topmast, and welcome some new shipmates aboard.