My AVONTUUR - Shipmate/Photographer Marco

My AVONTUUR – Shipmate/Photographer Marco

Introducing Marco

What a legend!  We couldn’t have been happier with Marco and his camera talents.  AVONTUUR voyage 3 was a milestone trip for our crew.  For the first time in three years of operation, the cargo hold was full on her return from the Caribbean.  We needed to document this achievement and be able to share our story with the world.  Our crew worked tirelessly to sail, load cargo, and raise awareness for cargo under sail while Marco snapped first class pictures and filmed the process.  There’s plenty of photos and videos to come with the launch of our Voyage 3 products including AVONTUUR rums, coffee, Peter Cafe Sport gin, salt, korn, and honey.  We cannot wait to share this with you in the weeks ahead.  For now, we say thank you Marco!!!  You are a true professional, a hell of a merchant sailor, and a great friend!!!


My AVONTUUR – Shipmate/Photographer Marco


Hi my name is Marco.

I had the great pleasure of being a photographer and filmmaker of the Avontuur crew. I spent the last three month on the ship, doing my internship for my studys. My commitment came very quickly, at a time when I didn’t expect it at all. I was in New Zealand at this time – after a semester abroad and following work on a dairy farm – I flew directly from New Zealand to the Caribbean.

I will never forget how I got on board and how I was completely outwitted. It was heavenly beautiful, blue water, white beaches – just as I imagines the caribbean, only much better. But how did I came to the project?


So I’m a photographer and filmmaker. I’m studying media management in the last semester.

The contact came through my proffessor from the college. He received a call that someone is being sought as a video blogger for an internship. And so I heard for the first time about TIMBERCOAST and this ambitious project. I really was searching for an special internship.

And yeah – lucky me, I found the most perfect one. To be honest, I had no idea about ​​sailing before and didn’t know what to expect.

But it sounded like an awesome and unforgettable adventure. And it was. Actually it was more than that – it was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done so far. It has changed my mind and I’ll never forget about it. Being part of the crew for over three months was a great honor. The old lady became my home and the crew my family.

And Jep, it’s true – When you’re facing your fears you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

So for me, the whole journey felt like a trip with a spaceship – everything is so hostile around you and you’ll become part of the ship.

And the ship becomes part of you. I loved the fact that we sailed outside, with all these different types of conditions. We had completely calm days with no wind at all. And then, two days later, violent storms with very high waves. Up and down – left and right – all the noises – the smells – the moisture – the heat – the cold. But also a lot of rest – freedom – infinity and space. It was a good mixture and such a great experience. I would love to do it again – I’m really fixed now. To sail such a long distance is something very special and I’m sure it was not my last time – it was just the beginning.


Marco – Shipmate, Photographer


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