The AVONTUUR has arrived in Horta!

The AVONTUUR has arrived in Horta!

On our return to Hamburg!

The AVONTUUR departed the Port of Halifax on May 18th destined for Horta in the Azores!  Originally planned to take 14 days, Captain Joachim and crew managed the North Atlantic crossing in only 13 days by arriving in Horta on May 31st at 21:12.  Now the AVONTUUR is finally back in Europe with a cargo hold full of AVONTUUR Rum, coffee, cocoa, sea salt, gin, AVONTUUR Merlot, AVONTUUR Korn, and much more.  The excitement is already building up for the great return to Hamburg Hafenmuseum on Saturday, July 6th.  Come join on for the big day, meet the crew, and enjoy being surrounded by sail cargo enthusiasts.

Here is a photo journal from shipmate Luca who is a part of TEIKEI.  We are sailing 20 tonnes of coffee for TEIKEI this year and she and her colleague Sylvain are sailing with their treasured beans.


Captain Joachim and Chief Mate Hedi at the wheel

Out of the fog comes the worlds largest sailing cargo vessel

Shipmate Pat enjoying the warmer weather after Halifax

Team Teikei! Shipmates Luca and Sylvain.

Shipmate Chepe taking care of business

Staying the course!

Rain or shine, someone is always at the wheel.


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