Call for Westbound Cargo!

Call for Westbound Cargo!

We are preparing for the next voyage now!


The AVONTUUR, the crew, and our cargo partners want nothing more than to sail to the Caribbean again! As we don not only want to sail a load of fresh air on our outbound journey, we need cargo destined for the Caribbean or Central America.

The success of our Voyage 4 cargo partners speaks for itself. Cargo orders from these partners alone continue to increase, in some cases 100% – 300%, plus we have a 10-fold increase in first time cargo inquiries.

The awareness and understanding of the true cost of shipping on our environment is rightfully becoming a very public matter.  As such, these organisations that are sailing their goods on the AVONTUUR are receiving the well-earned attention and success they deserve.

To the point – We need cargo going westward to the Caribbean or Central America from Europe.  For us to continue this route we need to utilize the full capacity of AVONTUUR’s hold throughout the voyage and not just on the return to Europe.  This is our call for westbound Cargo!

  • Are you an organisation exporting/importing to this region?
  • Do you have a lead or an idea about how we can make this a reality?
  • Do you know an organisation that you think would be interested in our service?

All inquiries, leads, and ideas are welcomed to write to us at

Our ‘Mission Zero’ is to eliminate pollution caused by shipping cargo. Together we are certain that we can create “the dialogue that creates the cultural change and governance transformations necessary” (Willard 2011) within the broader shipping industry!


Fairwinds and following seas,

Cornelius Bockermann
Captain AG & Founder of TIMBERCOAST


All photos by Verena Brüning