November 2019 - Newsletter

November 2019 – Newsletter

AVONTUUR – Voyage 5 Updates

How do you manage to get the AVONTUUR prepared for her next voyage in just three weeks to be ready before Christmas? Very simple: You need a team of hard-working and experienced men and women, good planning, and a little bit of luck with the weather!

Our long-serving former bo’sun and current carpenter is busy shaping new jaws for the schooner gaff. Our incumbent bo’sun Jake, who has been with us since 2015, and Dutch Ben, our very first volunteer, are preparing the rigg for the sails. Our old sails are just back from the sailmakers plus two new ones! More than 50,000 nautical miles under sail in three years have taken their toll. Our sailmakers at Segel Raap have applied their outstanding skills to bring our heavily worn sails back to excellent working conditions. Sadly, our forestay sail and inner jib had to be replaced by new ones while the old ones will serve as a spare canvas from now on.

Furthermore, our busy painters are attending to below deck where bunks and cabins are being brought back to near new condition and ready for the first shipmates to join. On deck, the newly serviced and re-certified safety and life-saving equipment is put back in place awaiting class and flag state inspection.

Last but not least, our cook Holger is preparing the galley for the upcoming journey. Considering the predictably rough January weather in the North Sea, what can be more important than a good cook and excellent food!

We’ll keep you informed of the latest news preparing for AVONTUUR’s Voyage 5. So stay tuned for more news!


Award Winners – The European Transport Prize for Sustainability
Last week we received 3rd prize for our commitment to environmental protection, resource conservation, and social responsibility! Great to see the industry taking notice of Cargo Under Sail.


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The Guardian – “Winds of change: the sailing ships cleaning up sea transport”