The AVONTUUR's 100th Anniversary - Voyage 5 begins!

The AVONTUUR’s 100th Anniversary – Voyage 5 begins!


As the winter storm “Gerlinde” passes, a weather window has opened up for the AVONTUUR to sets sail on Voyage 5 to the Caribbean tomorrow morning. There our beautiful white schooner will celebrate her 100th birthday – and of course with the very best rum!

Our 16 person crew from Germany, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland will brave winter temperatures on the first leg of the almost 14,000 nautical miles long journey around the Atlantic. The voyage via Madeira, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean island of Marie-Galante, and Honduras to Mexico and finally home over the Azores to Germany with a cargo hold full of specialty goods. As always, we will fly the flag for climate protection on our MISSION ZERO: a clean, nearly emission-free transport of goods at sea!

With our carrying capacity of 114 tons, our 44m-long two-master is tiny compared to container giants like the world’s largest “MSC Gülsün” with 2,000 times the loading capacity (228,000 tons) – but then again, how does that story go with David and Goliath?!?!

As an absolute highlight, the crew will celebrate the 100th birthday of our proud two-master on 16 April – in Latin America under the sun’s gaze. But until then there is still a long way to go from Elsfleth, which will start at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (17.01) with the outgoing tide. Departuring on a new adventure for Cargo Under Sail and the growing sail cargo community!

You can follow every maneuver of the AVONTUUR’s on our fleet tracker HERE.