Refugee Rescue Operation Time Sheet

Refugee Rescue Operation Time Sheet


0730      27* 06,9N – 016* 08,8W; COG 135*; SOG 1,5knots, NNE 1, clear sky, slight to moderate swell

0736      Lookout reports “small boat with people, whistle sounds”

0742      Take in all sails, start ME

0800      “Avontuur” alongside “MARIE”, a 6m wooden fishing boat with 5 women and 11 men, reporting to have been 10 days at sea

0801      Called MRCC Tenerife Channel 16, no reply

0802      Owner informed by Iridium telephone call and advised of upcoming rescue mission

Asked owner to organize contact with MRCC and further support

Owner in full agreement to take all on board and bring to nearest port

0812      “MARIE” taking all 16 boat people on board

0830      “MARIE” in tow on long line and proceed to Gran Canaria

0840      Decided to proceed on course 030* (M) toward southern End of GC until further notice

0916      In contact with MRCC Las Palmas Channel 16/74 and are advised to proceed to Puerto de Arguineguin

0936      Rescue Airplane fly-over as forewarned by MRCC in order to continue search for more refugees potentially nearby

0942      Advised MRCC on Ch 74 as per request about health condition and situation surrounding finding the boat

Informed MRCC that investigation on circumstances, first aid, washing all to get salt off, feeding and rehydration is ongoing, no serious injuries found so far

1000      24* 11,2N – 016*05,7W; 025 (M); proceeding with 4knots

1018      “Avontuur” informed by MRCC that Rescue Vessel is underway to meet us for taking refugees on board their vessel

1148      Meeting with SAR vessel “Salvamar Menkalinan” in position 27* 17,5N – 016* 02,6W; stopping ship for transfer of refugees

Finishing up first aid for all and packing cloth and other personal belongings for them to take with

1150      Cut towline of “MARIE” in agreement with SAR vessel

1154      Rescue vessel alongside starboard side by their own lines and fenders as per their request

1156      Position 27*17,5N – 016*02,7W; transfer of refugees in progress

1216      All refugees transferred to rescue vessel

1218      SAR vessel cast off, proceeding back to Puerto de Arguineguin


Michael Vogelsgesang

Master “Avontuur”



Following the recommendation of MRCC Las Palmas and the crew of the Spanish SAR vessel ‘Salvamar Melkalinan’ that came to pick-up the 16 young men and women, AVONTUUR sailed to the nearest port on Gran Canaria, Puerto Mogán. She arrived after night fall and was professionally disinfected. The job was finished before midnight and rather than staying in port, the captain preferred to shift to the anchorage for a quiet day of rest and reflection for the crew. The past 24 hours were extremely trying and demanding for all and it will take a long time to fully process the experience.

I can not express enough gratitude to the crew for their kind and selfless action and the care and affection they showed in this exceptional situation. It will never be forgotten!

AVONTUUR is scheduled to resume her journey to the Caribbean tomorrow. May Rasmus always grant them fair winds and following seas. Nobody deserves it more.


With best regards,

Mit freundlichem Gruß,

Cornelius Bockermann


Captain Michael and shipmate Athena providing support.


“We washed and fed them, treated their wounds and gave them our moral support as best as possible. ” – Captain Michael


“We wish them luck and only the best. And of course, we thanked the Spanish MRCC for their immediate response who, thanks to Cornelius moving all he could, had them come to assist us.” – Captain Michael