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Shipping News January 2022

📷 Christoph Bogner

A reason to celebrate.



The New Year is already in full sail, and so the AVONTUUR also set sail again on Thursday after a few days’ stay on the Azores island of Faial. On board we have coffee, cocoa and rum from the Caribbean, which our crew of 15 led by Captain Cornelius Bockermann will now transport on the last leg of our Voyage 8 across the Bay of Biscay to Bordeaux in France.


Current position of the AVONTUUR on its destination leg to France.


The AVONTUUR has already completed a long Atlantic crossing: in 32 days and after 3,971 nautical miles, our crew not only braved wind and weather, but also spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve together on board our 100-year-old gaff-rigged schooner in the North Atlantic Ocean. Our Shipmate Lea once again told us about this unusual way of spending the holidays and the challenges on board a sailing cargo vessel in winter at sea in a feature on Radioeins:


📷 Christoph Bogner


Lea had already reported on her outward journey across the Atlantic to the Caribbean on Radioeins. You can listen to the earlier report here. >>


📷 Haufe-Lexware

And our captain Cornelius Bockermann also took the time to talk about his dream of “setting sail for clean sea transport” in cooperation with Lexware. The result is an interview that you can watch by clicking on the picture, as well as >> a commercial that has been broadcast on TV sine last week.

Around the beginning of February, we will finish our Eighth Sailing Voyage for Clean Sea Transport with the destination port of Bordeaux. We think this is a reason to celebrate and would like to toast together with you.
Therefore, we have come up with the following for you:

Cheers from Peter Café Sport at Horta. 📷 Christoph Bogner

As long as the AVONTUUR is on its last leg
from Horta to Bordeaux at sea, you get
10% off Peter’s Gin Do Mar
in our online shop.



At you can find all our sailed products, with the purchase of which you can directly support our MISSION ZERO. It’s worth taking a look.


We are looking forward and are already very excited about what the New Year 2022 will bring. Immediately after our eighth sailing journey, we will set sail for Voyage 9. This will again take us via the Canary Islands and the Caribbean to Latin America, where we will load the AVONTUUR with sustainably and fairly produced goods to transport them in a clean way over the sea to Europe. We should then reach Hamburg in July 2022, where we will unload the cargo. And the upcoming sailing voyages for our MISSION ZERO are already being planned for the second half of the year. You will soon find out more about this on our website, our social media channels and via this newsletter.


Fair winds and folllowing seas!