Clean land Transport

Past Bremen Mayor Henning Scherf supports sailed organic coffee from Nicaragua! Clean transport from Hamburg to Bremen on Friday, 20.07.18 at 10 am to Lloyd Caffee, Fabrikenufer 115, 28217 Bremen

Organic and transported clean! From farm to roaster, this coffee defies the typical “organic” coffee. The “AVONTUUR sailed Kaffee” is an ambassador for solidarity, ecological, and sustainable trade. The former mayor of Bremen, Dr. Henning Scherf (SPD), has been a supporter of Nicaragua for many years.  The coffee is not only respectful of the environment but the farmers as well. The organic raw coffee comes from Nicaragua from the cooperative COSATIN / Tierra Nueva. The small farmers’ association grows high-quality Arabica coffee using organic methods. Direct import allows this cooperative to jointly market its harvest and improve the living conditions of producers in Nicaragua through the majority pre-financing of the harvest.

With the cargo sailing ship AVONTUUR, this coffee was transported from Central America to Northern Germany in an emission-friendly manner by sail. The shipping company Timbercoast GmbH offers sustainable sea transport by wind power with its freight sailing ship AVONTUUR. On its third freight sailing trip, the gaff schooner also brought 2 tons of organic coffee from Nicaragua for its own distribution. The top coffee was loaded on board in Central America on 9 March this year and sailed across the Atlantic to Hamburg for two months. There, the coffee bags were offloaded and taken to the coffee warehouse on cargo bike. On July 20, the coffee beans are brought to the roasting plant Lloyd Coffee in an environmentally friendly electric transporter. This results in a unique sustainable transport chain that guarantees low-emission transport of eco-fair products.

The ship AVONTUUR is Germany’s only cargo ship that transports goods sustainably across the ocean. With this the company Timbercoast GmbH wants to set an example for environmental protection at sea. Motor-driven cargo ships destroy the environment and release life-threatening toxins. A single ocean giant produces as many pollutants on its journey as five million cars on the same route.

Henning Scherf always acts responsibly and in solidarity, as he is honorary chairman of the association “pan y arte” at the side of his wife Luise Scherf Entwicklungshilfe in Nicaragua. Henning Scherf reports in an interview that both coffee exports for Nicaragua and climate protection are important for all of us.

AVONTUUR coffee will be ready for purchase soooon!