My AVONTUUR - Shipmate Piet

My AVONTUUR – Shipmate Piet

For me, there are two different experiences to travelling on board the Avontuur:

On one hand, we’re busy all the time with cleaning floors, walls, toilets or fridges in tiny rooms and spaces… or I’m getting a wake up call in the middle of the night in order to pull on some lines — always aware and cautious to not fall over board and vanish in the endless waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

On the other hand it’s simply an awesome feeling when you can watch the sails filling again with wind after hauling and pulling and we’re gliding through the sea under the stars in the infinity of our cosmos. Or when observing dolphins in the waves, dominated by the glittering fluorescent plankton. The beauty of our planet becomes so obvious in these moments. And here, on board, I get the chance to experience all of this together with a handful of exciting individual personalities I would have otherwise never met in my everyday life. Therefore, I am feeling glad and thankful.

– Piet

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*Photos by Verena¬†Br√ľning