Voyage 4 - Photo Journal 3 by Verena Brüning

Voyage 4 – Photo Journal 3 by Verena Brüning

Voyage 4 – Photo Journal by Verena Brüning

The AVONTUUR is currently at anchor in the bay of Grand Case, Saint Martin.  In what’s termed “Make and Mend” days, the crew is hard at work preparing for the Caribbean Sea crossing to La Ceiba, Honduras ETA 20.03.  While our Instagram may look like endless blue sky sailing days with cargo loading’s in every port, behind the scenes the story can be very different.  There is so much work to be done on a merchant sail cargo vessel and when this work is finished, it starts all over again.

While at anchor the crew has been busy mending the sails, repairing the gaff jaws, and fixing our AIS antenna just to name a few tasks.  It is fair to say there is plenty being done while we wait for the coffee and cocoa to be harvested in Central America.  Here is a look through the lens of Verena Brüning at these “Make and Mend” days:






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