My name is Thomas, I am 35 years old and I come from Germany. A friend of mine gave me the idea to sail the seas. Finally, I discovered the project TIMBERCOAST.  The project is based on the good idea of finding (again) ways to transport goods in a way that conserves resources as much as possible in view of the ever-increasing environmental problems. Sailing goods is a possible alternative, which would need much more support in order to establish itself.


For me the AVONTUUR is interesting above all because you can sail along without having any previous sailing experience. Everyday life on board is comparable to a large shared flat. I arrived and immediately had to deal with a lot of interesting people who warmly welcomed me onboard.  This gave me a comforting feeling towards the journey from the outset and laid the foundations towards the incredible adventures ahead. Of course, such a community does not get along without friction, which is always solved quickly. Right from the start, everyone has to take responsibility whether it be steering, taking over the maintenance work or acting on the daily cleaning duties.


The reward for all of this is the wide and beautiful sea with its abundance of stars in the nights’ skies, the far-off places we approach and visit, and the whales and dolphins that accompany our ship along the cargo voyages. As with all beautiful sides, there are of course the challenging ones: the burning sun during the watch, the calm, and the storms. Everyone will find these pages for themselves. For me this is a wonderful experience.


– Thomas


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Pictures by Verena Brüning.