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Save The Date: The AVONTUUR returns!

The only German freighter AVONTUUR is on her way back to Hamburg!

Save the date: Arrival event is on July 6th at the Hafenmuseum Hamburg.

The only German freighter AVONTUUR that transports goods in a climate-friendly manner by wind departed São Miguel on the Azores over the weekend. Fully loaded with eco-fair goods from overseas, the AVONTUUR is now on her way back and is expected at the Hafenmuseum Hamburg on the Bremen quay on July 6th. There the fair traded and mostly organic products like cocoa, coffee, rum and red wine as well as honey and salt are traditionally unloaded by hand at the arrival event.


A sign against climate change: Timbercoast – Cargo Under Sail

In October 2018, AVONTUUR started its fourth cargo voyage with its 16-strong crew in its home port of Elsfleth, via South America, the Caribbean, Central America and Canada.

The freighter sailing for the Timbercoast project is a symbol for a movement that demonstrates both the immense amount of pollutant emissions generated by the wide separation of production site and distribution location while offering a model for low-emission sea transport.

A future for clean maritime transport: Mission Zero.

Timbercoast – Cargo Under Sail, their mission is to promote social and ecological sustainability in the shipping industry by being a flagship for change.

Sustainable goods transport

There are goods loaded for the chocolate manufacturers Zotter and Choco del Sol, Teikei Coffee, Brigantes Coffee, Cafe Chavalo, El Rojito, the Fair Trade pioneers El Puente, EZA Fairer Handel, and Hardenberg Distillery will gain additional sustainability with the climate-friendly transport with the AVONTUUR.

AVONTUUR goods such as coffee, rum, korn, wine, honey and salt are also on board. By trading these goods Timbercoast finances part of their initiative.

Before the last part of the journey, the famous Peter Café Sport Gin do Mar and organic honey were also loaded in Horta.