From Horta back Home!

From Horta back Home!

Those who follow the position of our sailing cargo vessel AVONTUUR ( know that we are currently close to the most northern point of our Voyage 5 and will be circumnavigating Scotland even today(!). On board recently were uploaded 500 bottles of a legendary delicacy from Horta on the Azores: the “Peter Café Sport – Gin do Mar“.

The Peter Café Sport is almost as old as the AVONTUUR itself and has always been a meeting point for sailors from all over the world. Here they met and exchanged stories and dreams, planned routes and enjoyed Peter’s hospitality. And surely one or another Gin & Tonic passed the bar counter, too. Sailing legends such as Bernard Moitessier, Robin Knox Johnston or Sir Francis Chichester, who was one the first to circumnavigate the world alone in a sailing boat, were guests here as well as the French chanson singer Jaques Brel or Jacques Yves Cousteau, famous pioneer of the oceans. And as well as our crew of the AVONTUUR at the beginning of this month.

Can you feel the special atmosphere that surrounds these rooms full of banners, flags, photographs and maritime relics and the charm of countless stories and history shared by sailors of all time?

This is definitely what we will ask our shipmates when they return home to Hamburg at the end of July. In their luggage, at any rate, they will carry this unique spirit that can take anyone who has ever been there back to Horta, to Peter Café Sport, and back to the time when people drank their gin and tonic and enjoyed the company of the sailing community. Enjoy it with us at


UPATE: We have the great pleasure to announce that we are expecting the return of AVONTUUR from her voyage no 5 in Hamburg on Thursday 23th of July 2020, wp agw*.

* weather permitting, all going well.