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Shipping News November 2021

Photo: Cornelius Bockermann


For us, the Advent season has come faster than we thought: And suddenly the first candle is burning!
But we don’t feel much like Christmastime, either because of the current situation in our country or just because our AVONTUUR is currently anchored at sunny 28°C in the Caribbean and is loading rum for further transport.
Advent is a time of preparation for a future event. It is, according to the word, a time of arriving, of setting out step by step until one someday arrives.

We have taken some steps with you in the past months, and a lot has happened:



The AVONTUUR is now already on her eighth voyage to transport rum, cocoa and coffee, among other things, by wind power across the Atlantic. At the beginning of December we will reach Colombia, and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the Atlantic with heading for the Azores.

From the life on board our Shipmate Christoph knows to report in his logbook:

Day 22 – October 18, 2021

“During the crossing of the Atlantic the crew has done great progress in doing manoeuvres knowing all lines and working together as a team. But as there are typical times during which manoeuvres take place it is not very common to have all hands on deck – except the conditions make it necessary. Especially during the dogs watch there’s a lack of jibes or tacks. For that reason, in the morning of October 18th, they wished to be specifically woken up for another jibe heading directly towards Marie-Galante. Finally, the Avontuur got the chance to use all men- and women-power to do its manoeuvre. This time, in record-time. A great moment to see what the crew has achieved over the previous three weeks. And also a great moment for the dogs watch to enjoy a well-prepared breakfast table that is usually missed as most are still asleep between 7:30 and 8:30 A.M.”


Photo: Christoph Bogner


If you would like to delve even deeper into life on board our cargo vessel, then we warmly recommend the radioeins report. There our Shipmate Lea gives an insight into her Atlantic crossing with the AVONTUUR during her watch.



But not only at sea was a lot going on in the last weeks, also on land we have made a major step:

We are very happy to announce that our own online store is now up and running again!


At you can now find our sailed products again, with the purchase of which you can directly support our MISSION ZERO. It’s worth taking a look, because there are also new entries on our site:


So our Voyage 6 rum bottling, the Grand Crew 2021 Sole Cask Edition, took a bit longer to finally arrive, but it’s there at last!
Basically, this Rhum Agricole from Marie-Galante, where our AVONTUUR is currently located, is our “Corona bottling” that has taken an exceptionally long way, as it was not allowed to be loaded on our Voyage 5 back then due to the emerging pandemic, when all ports closed and our crew was faced with unforeseen challenges.
You can find out more about our new product in our store at

And last but not least comes perhaps the greatest news: Our path has taken us further to where we have already arrived year after year to unload our goods and refit our ship for the next voyage. In the next few days we will be coming to Hamburg with our office, and from then on we will be directing our further destinies at the “gateway to the world”. For us it is an exciting time, where arriving and new beginnings are bound together. We will keep you up to date for sure!

In this spirit: Start well in the time ahead of us.

Fair winds and folllowing seas!