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The AVONTUUR has been sailing across the Atlantic towards the French Antilles for a week now. Last Friday, she set sail from Santa Cruz de Tenerife after a two-week stay on the Canary Island. The crew used the time to explore ashore, do some work on the ship and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables for the three-week crossing to the Caribbean. The mood on board is great, the AVONTUUR is sailing fast and with good winds on our Voyage 10 so far.
We are particularly proud of the newly installed axle generator, which after some initial issues is now finally running smoothly and supplying our AVONTUUR with additional power, so that the crew was able to turn on for the first time a washing machine at sea today. What an unimagined increase in comfort on our over 100-year-old cargo sailing vessel!
The crew of the AVONTUUR is already looking forward to the Caribbean, which they will probably reach in a fortnight. The plan is to pick up rum and cocoa there for our cargo partners, both in the French Antilles and in the Dominican Republic and Colombia, before heading back across the Atlantic to Le Havre.


We still have a few bunks available for the North Atlantic crossings on our cargo sailing vessel AVONTUUR, both on the way to Le Havre from Santa Marta at the end of November and towards Hamburg at the end of April next year. You can expect great crew, incredible experiences, hard work, wild weather and limited comfort. If you are physically fit, not afraid of the English language and want to actively support our MISSION ZERO, you will findĀ all detailed information for our Shipmates at our website.



We are very happy to finally be able to offer two of our popular bean-to-bar chocolates again in cooperation with the Choco del Sol manufactory. Choco del Sol has now conjured up two melt-in-the-mouth varieties from the sailed cocoa beans of our last cargo sailing voyage, which we unloaded in Hamburg in July: CACAO CRUSH (formerly Trinitario) is our declaration of love to the sailed cocoa beans from Belize, as they are the only ingredient in this chocolate from our Voyage 9 besides cane sugar. For this purpose, some of the beans were “crushed” and the so-called cocoa nibs were embedded in the chocolate.


Another taste explosion is offered by our chocolate with sailed sea salt from La Palma: SEA SALT is the fusion of sweet and salty flavours and offers a touch of the ocean on the tongue. The cocoa beans from Belize travelled over 8000 nautical miles before being processed and spent around three months on board the AVONTUUR. The hand-scooped sea salt from La Palma was almost twice as long in our cargo hold.

And because, as we all know, all good things come in threes, we are working on yet another variant that will be made with our sailed coffee from Mexico. We are already melting away!


Pictures in this Newsletter were created by Timbercoast.