May 2019 - Newsletter

May 2019 – Newsletter

– The Gulf Stream

Captain Joachim and crew have arrived in Halifax, Canada!  After 30 days of sailing cargo into two sets of heavy headwinds both in the Gulf of Mexico and as they approached Halifax, the crew have again persevered and arrived in Atlantic Canada.  A monumental achievement as the Port of Halifax hasn’t welcomed a sailing cargo vessel since the mid twentieth century.  Furthermore, this entire process was made possible only after 8 months of exchanges between TIMBERCOAST, port stakeholders, the importer, and the exporter.  In order to make such a cargo operation financially viable in Canada and also in the US, sailing cargo vessels and their cargo partners need the support of all port stakeholders to be able to bypass some of the enormous costs ($10k -20k) associated with your average port call in this region.  Thank you to all parties for their unwavering support, the future is bright for community sail cargo.

In Halifax, we have just discharged 2.6 tonnes of Fairtrade and organic coffee for Just us Coffee.  This particular coffee as well as AVONTUUR coffee and Teikei coffee was loaded in Veracruz, Mexico.

Over 40 coffee farmers in their families joined us on the AVONTUUR in Veracruz. Truly a magical day for everyone. 📷 Verena Brüning


Our Veracruz hosts, Ensambles and Teikei, put on a spectacular welcoming for our crew.  We were visited on board by the coffee farmers and their families for whom some had never been to the sea side before never mind set foot on a ship that transported their coffee.  Through translators provided by Ensambles the farmers and crew were able to share a laugh and learn about each other’s crafts.  Afterwards our crew was invited to one of the farms that grow some of the coffee (some crew had never seen a coffee plant before) and learn first hand how their communities depend on growing world class organically certified coffee.  A truly unique port call bridging the gap between growers, sailors, and soon enough European sailed coffee lovers.

For insight into life on board the AVONTUUR, HERE is shipmate Thomas’s journal.

Although still under construction, the ANNY VON HAMBURG comes to Bremerhaven SeeStadtFest 23 – 26.05! Picture from the archives.


Bremerhaven SeeStadtfest  23. – 26.05. 
The ANNY VON HAMBURG will be in attendance!!!  Come for a tour, enjoy some AVONTUUR products, join for a rum tasting, and hangout amongst friends. And don’t miss sampling our RASMUS, the world’s only sail aged Korn. Full schedule HERE.

38TH Flensburger Rumregatta 30. – 02.06.
Captain Cornelius will be in attendance with a stand and all our favourite treats.


The best event of the year!  Join us and help unload the AVONTUUR.  Since leaving Elsfleth on October 7th, 2018 the AVONTUUR has loaded an incredible collection of coffee, cocoa, rum, red wine, sea salt, gin, and more.  Let’s discharge together!  A day surely to be remembered.

Hanse Sail Rostock 08. – 11.08.
The AVONTUUR is sailing to the Hanse Sail 2019!  Join us on board for the “Baltic Summer Tour” as we sail from Hamburg to Rostock and then for the final leg of Voyage 4 back to Elsfleth. More details HERE.  

Volunteers welcome!  Would you join us for one of these events or be able to give us a hand in Elsfleth with the beautiful ANNY in preparation for the Seestadtfest?  We would be happy to hear from you, email to join.

“The cultivation of sugar cane in Madeira dates back to the 15th century when the island became a major supplier of sugar, which became known as white gold. ” – Visit Madeira

AVONTUUR Voyage 4 – Upcoming Releases

True to our values, we embrace an environmental sourcing approach centered on healthy land use while staying committed to supporting the communities where our products originate.  From the farmers, the distillers, the vineyards through to our sailors and finally to the consumers, we are focused on a people and environment conscious supply chain.  Here’s a short list of some of the AVONTUUR products sailing to Germany on Voyage 4.

AVONTUUR Merlot – A small organically certified vineyard operated by a wine and nature loving enthusiast from the heart of Bordeaux country.

AVONTUUR “Signature Rum” Voyage 4 – From the majestic island of Madeira comes a Rum Agricole produced by an award winning distiller focused on sourcing sugar cane juice from local cane growers dedicated to maintaining the outstanding reputation of its home grown products. A rare specialty that has not been sail shipped for decades until now!

Captain Joachim and crew on a visit to the farm in the Veracruz cloud forest. 📷 Verena Brüning

AVONTUUR Coffee – Our crew met the farmers directly and learned about their processes firsthand while in Mexico. Their commitment to organic farming given Mexico’s challenges with ‘coffee rust’ is inspiring and results in a terrific cup of coffee we are excited to be able to share with you.

Moreover we have sea salt from the Canary Islands, a Belizean bean-to-bar chocolate bar collaboration, a collection of local treats from the Azores including Peter Café Sport Gin do Mar, and our exceptional AVONTUUR Korn sailed and aged in hand selected Chateau Margaux barrels.


You can support our crew, the ship, and our project by buying premium direct trade AVONTUUR Products from our ONLINE SHOP.


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*Title picture by shipmate and soon to be photographer Antje Seifert